I specialize in providing clients with reliability, professionalism, and evergrowing knowledge and experience in the film industry.


I serve as a director of photography and/or camera operator for my clients and provide some start-to-finish production services. I offer on-location high definition production, as well as in-house post-production services, some graphic design, and photography.


I am currently based in New York and have primarily worked in Florida, Georgia, and California. I have clients around the world and I'm always looking to grow and network.

  • Movi Pro + Cinemilled plate/weights Gimbal Package

  • Tilta Gravity G-1 Gimbal Package for Smaller Payloads

  • Glidecam with Vest and Arm

  • Inspire 1 Drone 4K

  • Mavic Pro 2 Hasselblad Drone 4K

  • 3ft. Cineslider with 10mm bowl adapter Package

  • GoPro HERO7 Package with gimbal

  • GoPro Fusion Package

  • Wireless Monitor Package

  • Sound Device 633 Field Mixer Recorder with DPA Lav's and Boom

  • Wireless Follow Focus 3 motor System Package


I offer multi-format video packages and have experience executing both studio and field productions.


Complete Camera/Audio/Lighting Packages


  • Red EPIC-W HELIUM 8K Package

  • Canon 5D Mark IV Package

  • Leica SL + Lenses 24-90mm, 90-280mm, Prime 18mm

  • GoPro (Black Hero7,Hero6) Package

  • Leica-R Lenses 19mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 60mm Macro, 90mm Package

  • Cine Lenses 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm Macro Package

  • Zoom Lenses 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm Package

  • 21" Director Monitor Flanders Scientific Package

  • Wireless Monitor Package

  • Atomos 7" up to 4K Video Recorder Monitor Package

  • Soundevice 633 Mixer Recorder with DPA Lav's and Boom, TS-3 Time Code Slate Package

  • Quasar Science 6 2ft Lights in Kino Housing

  • Aputure COB 300D Package with Modifiers

  • Astera Lights 8x4ft Full RGB Tubes with WiFi Box

  • 1x1 Light Panels (3) Package

  • Small 4-piece Light Kit Package

  • Wooden Camera Shoulder rig Package

  • Gold Mount, V-Mount battery Packages

  • Bright TanGerine Matte Box with (5x5.6 Pola, ND.3, ND.6, ND.9, ND1.2, ND1.5, ND1.8) Package

  • DIT kit (Readers and station) Package

  • Sr. Cart with tripod rack, Dovetail Plate, and AC box Package

  • REMIN KARTMASTER HD-500 with shelves

  • Rock-N-Roller


My post-production services include non-linear editing that supports a variety of  digital formats. Currently, I provide high definition edit services on Adobe Premiere CC non-linear system, allowing the ability to edit in a true HD-native environment.


I constantly strive to stay up to date with the industry standards. I can output your final product to all of the current digital formats necessary to post online.


Currently edit using the following software:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Adobe After Effects

  • AdobePrelude

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Adobe Audition

  • Red Giant





I am ready to help you with your next project. Send me a message or give me a call!



Long IslandNY 11050

Tel: 407.252.9052



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